Having a solution for power supply, air conditioning and heating fully independent would be a dream. But our solution can make it a reality. Making use of all renewable sources and widely available, our product enables all this.


Who we are?

MCE is a team working in research and application of using renewable resources making intelligent solutions preparing to give for your grandchild a clean world. In the early 2000´s we made some tries generating energy from the move of the lifts of buildings unsuccessful. But we did not given up. Several other research after, we found a way to transform potential and kinetic energies into electrical energy. More than it, we found a way to feedback the system using another energy widely available. This energy is found in the fluids. Water, for instance. Since than, we are working to improve the system. Also we have perceived that several other applications can do use of such mechanism. Cooling, for instance. Or a heating dedicated system. Going further we perceived that usability of such mechanism would be scalable and implemented anywhere, any size. What a tremendous thing we have. Seems to be unbelievable, but it works. Today we have a team to dedicate to this project, making it adaptable for each need and size.

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